Bank of America Associate Professor of Finance
Director, Center for International Business Education and Research


Andy Naranjo, University of Florida

Baughman Center 2Service is an important linchpin and a primary vehicle for contributing towards the collective professional, university, and community good, as well as individual aspects of that good. I am deeply involved in service activities within my profession, as well as within my department, college, university, and the broader outside community.

Professional Service:
I am both honored and pleased to serve my profession. Within the research publication aspects of my profession, I serve on the editorial boards for a few journals and as a regular referee for numerous academic journals in my profession. In terms of professional conferences, I regularly serve as a presenter, discussant, session chair, and on program committees — including serving twice as the Program Track Chair in International and Real Estate for one of our large annual finance conferences (FMA: 2001, 2012). I have also served in various professional committees within my profession. I have written promotion and tenure letters for candidates at other universities and served as a National Science Foundation grant reviewer. Through my service, I have also helped to develop and host local international symposiums and seminars for our profession in collaboration with CIBER, as well as with our Real Estate Center for a biennially hosted academic real estate conference.






University and Broader Community Service:
I am also honored and pleased to serve my department, college, the broader university, and outside community.

At the department-level, I am frequently called to serve on faculty teaching reviews, faculty recruitment committees, our PhD admissions committee, student arbitration cases, and in our university faculty senate, among other department-level service activities.

At the College-level, I have served and chaired the MBA committee, the Dean’s advisory committee, served on the strategic planning committee and chaired the MBA strategic planning committee, served on the accreditation committee, the sabbatical committee, served as an external member on numerous peer reviews for other department’s faculty, chaired the MAIB/MSM Director search committee, served on our Assurance of Learning committee — MBA, MAIB, MSM Chair, met with prospective donors, served on our undergraduate committee, the Salary Plan for Professors (SPP) teaching review committee for several senior faculty members across departments within the College, and served as a faculty advisor for various student organizations, among other college-level service activities.

Serving as the Director of the Center for International Business Education and Research has resulted in many university-level and broader community service activities. We host regular multidisciplinary lunch seminars, symposiums, and conferences bringing together faculty, students, and professionals across UF and outside of UF. Through CIBER, I have also served the business community (including the Chamber of Commerce) and many other institutions across the State of Florida, US and internationally. I have also served as a reviewer on the Dean’s hiring committee for the University’s International Center, the International Center Strategic Plan Faculty Advisory Committee, Council Member on the Center for Latin American Studies, the MALAS Graduate admissions committee, Advisory Board for the Law School’s student journal (Journal of Law and Public Policy), and the faculty council for the University’s Harn Museum of Art, among other university-level and broader community service activities.

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